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How to Monetize Your Blog Without Destroying Your User Experience

How to Monetize Your Blog Without Destroying Your User Experience // Everything thinks that monetizing your blog, making money from it, monetizing your site, just reduces your user experience. It crushes it. So much so that they’re like, “oh no, no one’s going to come back to my site.” That’s not true. Today I’m going […]

How to Add Audio Files and Create Playlists in WordPress

By default WordPress supports mp3, ogg, and wav file formats and uses html5 audio tag to embed them and works really well on mobile devices. If you want to add a single audio file, create a new post and click on add media, upload the audio file you want to add then click insert. With […]

15 Proven Ways to Easily Write Remarkable Blog Titles and Headlines

Your title or headline is the most important part of any blog post, website, video or ad you create. Why? Because 80% of people will read your title or headline, but only 20% of people will read your blog post. This is why the title makes a big difference in whether potential visitors stay on […]

Advanced Keyword Research Tutorial (5-Step Blueprint)

Want to do keyword research the right way in 2019? Then check out this insanely actionable SEO tutorial. In this video I’ll reveal my 5-step process for finding awesome keywords that your competition doesn’t know about. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn: First, I’ll go over the first step to having any sort of […]

How to Find Your Voice and Your Audience

There are all kinds of content marketing tactics we could discuss such as email, blogging, video, podcasts, Facebook, and every other social media outlet. But whether it works for you or not will come down to your strategy….not just the tactics you’re using. You have to attract the right audience. And you need to be […]

Content Marketing Strategy Tips & Insights For 2020

The way we do marketing has changed. The best marketers realize this and recognize the importance of understanding some of the key factors that go into developing a content marketing strategy that drives results. It’s safe to say the best content marketers embrace research, planning, content creation and content distribution. It’s a combination of these […]