WordPress SEO Secret

I know a secret about WordPress. Wanna hear??… 16 – Using the SEO Friendly Images Plugin to Optimize Images We want to take every opportunity that we can to tell the search engines what our website is about, and another way to do that is through images. Everytime y… Search Engines still can’t read an […]

Using WP SmushIt To Make Your Site Load Faster

The time it takes your site to load can hurt your rankings with Google and other Search Engines. Check out this video to find a simple way to improve your WordPress blog’s load time… How to Speed up your Website Loadtimes Part 1: WP Smush It Plugin Review http://www.timothywest.com How to speed up your website […]

Customizing The WordPress Admin Area

When it comes to truly changing the appearence of your WordPress Admin area there are several plugins available to you. This video by the plugins creator will show you why this is my favorite… WP Total Hacks WP Total Hacks Plugin for WordPress. The primary reason I like the WP Total Hacks so much is […]

WARNING! Do Not Use Either Version Of The Keyword SEO Plugin If You Use WordPress Cron To Schedule Posts!

I feel compelled to share my experience with this plugin, as I had recommended it in a post on this site. As stated above, if you use the built in Cron feature of WordPress to automatically post your content DO NOT INSTALL THIS PLUGIN!! I add all my post for the upcoming week for this […]

Resolving WordPress Plugin Conflicts

Finding plugin conflicts is one of the more painful experiences you will ever have with WordPress. Unfortunately, there are next to zero shortcuts in the way you must do this. The WordPress core was never built with Marketing in mind. In reality, as a Marketing Platform the default configuration of WordPress is one of the […]

Great WordPress Social Media Plugin

Digg Digg is one of the many fine WordPress Social Media plugins. Adding Social Media capabilities is not only a hot topic these days, it’s also a great move for getting Love from Google and the other Search Engines. This video shows how to install and set up the Digg Digg plugin on your WordPress […]

WordPress And Social Media

Social Media is changing the way people use the Internet. Because Google and the other major search engines use shares and likes as a measure of the usefulness and quality of content it’s almost impossible to get your site ranked without them. Thankfully,, there are plenty of great choices for adding Social Media sharing capabilities […]

Creating A Newsletter In WordPress WithWysija Newsletters Plugin

WordPress developers create some fantastic free WordPress plugins. They allow you to do many things that you would normally pay for like adding a eCommerce Shopping Cart, or in this case a complete Newsletter of your own. Granted, creating a Newsletter with any of the WordPress Newsletter Plugins is not going to give you all […]

Using The Free BackUpWordPress Plugin

The Internet is not some warm fuzzy space where nothing bad ever happens. Infact, there is probably as much bad out there as there is good. This is especially true if you have a WordPress blog. WordPress has long been a target of hackers because of it’s tremendous popularity and the fact it is Open […]

How To Deactivate A WordPress Plugin Without Access To The WP Admin

Sometimes when you are installing plugins on your WordPress blog something just goes wrong. A number of things can happen when this occurs. Several of them are definately not good. Your site can completely go down for one thing. The worst case scenario happens when you are unable to access the WordPress admin to deactivate […]