Using WP SmushIt To Make Your Site Load Faster

The time it takes your site to load can hurt your rankings with Google and other Search Engines. Check out this video to find a simple way to improve your WordPress blog’s load time… How to Speed up your Website Loadtimes Part 1: WP Smush It Plugin Review How to speed up your website […]

WARNING! Do Not Use Either Version Of The Keyword SEO Plugin If You Use WordPress Cron To Schedule Posts!

I feel compelled to share my experience with this plugin, as I had recommended it in a post on this site. As stated above, if you use the built in Cron feature of WordPress to automatically post your content DO NOT INSTALL THIS PLUGIN!! I add all my post for the upcoming week for this […]

Pingfresh WordPress Plugin Review: Don't Just Ping, Promote With Pingfresh

Pingfresh is far more than a pinging plugin on steroids. The set of tools this plugin provides go far beyond pinging. one of the best features of Pingfresh is the ability to give new life to your old content. Pingfresh can automatically detect posts on your site that have not been visited by search engines […]