2014: A Magazine Theme For WordPress


WordPress Theme Creation Using The Twitter Bootstrap

Here’s the first in a series of videos on creating a WordPress theme using the Twitter Bootstrap… Learn how to create a WordPress Theme with Twitter Bootstrap 1 of 6 In this section of Six Video’s from The Academy of Online Mastery you will learn how to create a WordPress Theme using the Twitter Bootstrap. […]

WordPress Theme Creation Software

It’s a bit over the top, but the video today showcases one of the more useful Software products available, Artisteer. Check out the short clip below and look beneath the video for more… How to Create Themes for WordPress If you have a blog, you have a theme. Chances are, you downloaded a theme off […]

Creating A WordPress Theme Options Page

One of the things missing from many otherwise great WordPress Themes is a Theme Options Page. This is especially true of PLR WordPress themes. They seldom have this feature and it make it hard to compete with sellers offering full options pages. Adding an options page to the WordPress admin is a great way to […]

Where To Find Great Free WordPress Themes

This video was created by Anthony Blando and in it he shows you some good choices for finding free WordPress themes. Free themes don’t mean simple, ugly themes. There are many beatiful free WordPress themes available from the WordPress Theme Directory and other sources. If you have a general idea of what you’re looking for […]

How To Update A Premium WordPress Theme

This video by Chris Gaynor shows an easy way to update a Premium WordPress theme. The video has some rather distracting background noise for brief periods and a steady low sound that lasts the whole video. I  do not tell you this to discourage you from watching this informative video. I simply want to warn […]

How To Change Your WordPress Theme

This video was first published on http://startwebsitebusiness.com and shows you how to update WordPress themes on servers where you can not update themes automatically through the WordPress admin interface. In order to update a theme under these circumstances one method is to update the theme via FTP. This is also used to change to another […]

How To Change The Header Image In WordPress

This very done video covers changing the header image in WordPress. The tutorial uses the default 2012 Theme which still is included with any new WordPress installation. The video covers all aspects of working with WordPress headers. You learn how to change the header, or how to remove it entirely if you choose. Customizing the […]

Using The WordPress Theme Directory

How To Edit WordPress Themes

This video from Facebook/learnwordpress does a good job of showing how to edit your themes from within the WordPress (WP) Theme Editor. The narration is done by a Brit if it matters to you keenly. The author shows you how to change colors and dimensions along with margins. While I truly can’t recommend fooling around […]