Managing Admin Users With WordPress

Using a unique user name is one of the WordPress security basics. In order to accomplish this, you must add another admin user. You might want to add another admin account for another reason, such as giving easy access to a frequent Guest Poster. For whatever reason, this can be very useful. The video below […]

How To Import And Export Data With WordPress

One of the lesser known features of WordPress is the ability to import and export data from other WordPress blogs. With the rise in popularity of WordPress site cloning plugins many blog owners have forgotten all about this useful feature. While cloning your entire WordPress site is great way of speeding up the set up […]

How To Add New Type Fonts To WordPress

By default the type fonts available for your use on a WordPress blog are limited. Your choices are pretty much limited to commonly used “Web Safe” type fonts. But what if you want to add a bit of flair to your WordPress site by using this cool font you discovered? Like most software programs WordPress […]

How To Do WordPress Image SEO

Most WordPress users never give a second thought to SEOing their images. Many think of the Alt. title for images as simply something created to annoy them. While it may not be fun, image SEO can play a big role in getting your site higher in the Search Engine rankings. Most people think the only […]

Branding The WordPress Admin

While it may be cool to have the WordPress branding on a personal  site there are times you do not want to see the “Powered By” text or WordPress logo, especially in the admin area. If you create sites for clients and for whatever reason don’t want them to know the site is a WordPress […]

How To Add A Facebook Feed To Your WordPress Blog

Facebook is still king of the Social Networking sites. Connecting your bussinesses Facebook (FB) page feed to your WordPress blog is a natural. That does not mean there are a lot of choices for doing this for free. With the exception of the option discussed in this post and the video below I know of […]

WordPress Plugin Development – Creating A WP Plugin From Scratch

WordPress plugins are insanely popular. Create a good, unique WordPress plugin and you will have plenty of buyers ready to snap it up for a hefty sum. Becoming a WordPress plugin developer is not as difficult as it may seem. Granted you will have to pick up the basics of using PHP, but that is […]

How To Add Widgets To WordPress Sidebars

Widgets are one of the things that make WordPress popular. Widgets come in all types, recent posts, featured content, image, ad, you name it, and there is probably a WordPress widget that can do it. The following video will show how to add widgets to your WordPress sidebars. WordPress 3 Tutorial 12: Populating Your Sidebars […]

How To Add Google+ To WordPress

Many people are missing out on a potentially huge source of targeted traffic. Google+ is not have a high profile like Facebook or Twitter. Many people ignore Google+ in favor of better known Social Networking sites. This can be a huge mistake! Let’s think about this for a moment. Google+ belongs to who? Yea, Google. […]

How To Update To WordPress 3.5.2 Safely

WordPress updates can be painful. Not only do they seem to be frequent and endless, but they can also wreak havoc to your site. Many WordPress users think it’s safer to just not update. Unfortunately, this strategy will almost certainly result in you’re site getting hacked. Every WordPress Core/Version update contains security fixes. This alone […]