How To Build An Affiliate Site With WordPress

Theis video created by Justin Bow looks into turning your WordPress blog into an affiliate marketing site. The video shows a useful method for helping get your sites ranked for good keywords. the video was originally published on Bow covers how to do the necessary keyword research without getting bogged down in what can […]

How To Make Money With WordPress

Charles Crawford, the author of this video takes on the daunting task of showing you how to make money with a blog. While this information applies to any blogging platform i have included it here because the video uses a WordPress installation as the example site. The video shows popular methods for monetizing a blog. […]

How To Add An Affiliate Banner To Your Blog

This is a great video on adding banner ads complete with affiliate links to your WordPress blog. The author, Rajeev Kistoo, shows you how to add a banner to a widget from the WordPress admin area. The only thing I wish the author had done differently here would have been to spend more time going […]

How To Update A Premium WordPress Theme

This video by Chris Gaynor shows an easy way to update a Premium WordPress theme. The video has some rather distracting background noise for brief periods and a steady low sound that lasts the whole video. I  do not tell you this to discourage you from watching this informative video. I simply want to warn […]

How To Change Your WordPress Theme

This video was first published on and shows you how to update WordPress themes on servers where you can not update themes automatically through the WordPress admin interface. In order to update a theme under these circumstances one method is to update the theme via FTP. This is also used to change to another […]

How To Update A WordPress Plugin

Despite the fact that this video fails to live up to what the title states “How To Update A WordPress Plugin In 2 Minutes” coming in at 2:20, it does explain the process of updating a WordPress plugin. The video was published by Steven Leconte who goes by “StevenTheWebmaster” and it is easy enough to […]

How To Update Your WordPress Version

The topic of this video is how to update your blog to the latest version of WordPress. This is an important detail often overlooked by WordPress users regardless of their level. While updating your WordPress version is not as cool as adding a new theme or setting up a new plugin it is vital to […]

How To Use The WordPress Admin Dashboard

This video was published by “thewebtrainer” and does a very complete job of explaining the options available to the WordPress administrator and what they mean and do. The video was first published on The WordPress dashboard is a part of every WordPress site. How you choose to set it up in regards to what […]

Using The WordPress Dashboard

The topic of this video is using the WordPress admin dashboard. The video is done without any narration, and to be honest I had to turn the music trac completely off as it drove me crazy. The video uses subtitles or annotations to tell you what steps to take and is fairly easy to follow. […]

How To Change The Header Image In WordPress

This very done video covers changing the header image in WordPress. The tutorial uses the default 2012 Theme which still is included with any new WordPress installation. The video covers all aspects of working with WordPress headers. You learn how to change the header, or how to remove it entirely if you choose. Customizing the […]