How To Update A Premium WordPress Theme

This video by Chris Gaynor shows an easy way to update a Premium WordPress theme. The video has some rather distracting background noise for brief periods and a steady low sound that lasts the whole video. I  do not tell you this to discourage you from watching this informative video. I simply want to warn […]

How To Update A WordPress Plugin

Despite the fact that this video fails to live up to what the title states “How To Update A WordPress Plugin In 2 Minutes” coming in at 2:20, it does explain the process of updating a WordPress plugin. The video was published by Steven Leconte who goes by “StevenTheWebmaster” and it is easy enough to […]

Using The WordPress Dashboard

The topic of this video is using the WordPress admin dashboard. The video is done without any narration, and to be honest I had to turn the music trac completely off as it drove me crazy. The video uses subtitles or annotations to tell you what steps to take and is fairly easy to follow. […]

Understanding Meta Tags And Descriptions

Although Meta tags and descriptions do not have the importance that that they did several years ago they can still play a big role in getting your content indexed by the major search engines. The author of this video explains where to find meta tags and descriptions on a website then discusses the important role […]

What Is Autoblogging?

This short (1:23) video gives you a good basic idea of what Autoblogging is. Published by “whoisbid”  on, the video goes over using robots or “bots” to perform various tasks associated with blogging. Many people use software installed on their computer to automatically post content remotely to their blogs. This eliminates the need to […]