WordPress Mega Menu Plugin – Max Mega Menu Tutorial | Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress Mega menu plugin will replace the natural WordPress menu into the mega menu. Max Mega menu plugin will help you to build a mega menu easily on your WordPress website.In this video tutorial, I used the Max Mega menu plugin to display a mega menu on a WordPress website.

Resolving WordPress Plugin Conflicts

Finding plugin conflicts is one of the more painful experiences you will ever have with WordPress. Unfortunately, there are next to zero shortcuts in the way you must do this. The WordPress core was never built with Marketing in mind. In reality, as a Marketing Platform the default configuration of WordPress is one of the […]

Benefits Of Using WordPress

What makes WordPress so great? The majority of the  new sites being created every day on the Internet are WordPress installations. There are millions of WordPress sites all over the World. WordPress is rated as the most popular Content Management System (CMS) by every source. And WordPress does not simply lead the other CMS choices, […]

WordPress Plugin Development – Creating A WP Plugin From Scratch

WordPress plugins are insanely popular. Create a good, unique WordPress plugin and you will have plenty of buyers ready to snap it up for a hefty sum. Becoming a WordPress plugin developer is not as difficult as it may seem. Granted you will have to pick up the basics of using PHP, but that is […]

How To Update To WordPress 3.5.2 Safely

WordPress updates can be painful. Not only do they seem to be frequent and endless, but they can also wreak havoc to your site. Many WordPress users think it’s safer to just not update. Unfortunately, this strategy will almost certainly result in you’re site getting hacked. Every WordPress Core/Version update contains security fixes. This alone […]

Creating A Newsletter In WordPress WithWysija Newsletters Plugin

WordPress developers create some fantastic free WordPress plugins. They allow you to do many things that you would normally pay for like adding a eCommerce Shopping Cart, or in this case a complete Newsletter of your own. Granted, creating a Newsletter with any of the WordPress Newsletter Plugins is not going to give you all […]

How To Deactivate A WordPress Plugin Without Access To The WP Admin

Sometimes when you are installing plugins on your WordPress blog something just goes wrong. A number of things can happen when this occurs. Several of them are definately not good. Your site can completely go down for one thing. The worst case scenario happens when you are unable to access the WordPress admin to deactivate […]

WordPress Plugin Creation How To Video Part 2

Back to creating WrdPress plugins with part two of this two part series. In the final video the author wraps everything up he started in the first video. The videos are not intended for WordPress newbies. They are quite technical in nature and unless you understand how to fix any coding errors you make you […]

WordPress Plugin Creation How To Video Part 1

WordPress plugins make WordPress the most versatile CMS around. Just think of something that goes beyond the norm in WorDPress and chances are you will find a plugin that will do it for you. If not, there’s a good chance someone is developing it right now. Because plugins play such a critical role in shaping […]

How To Create A WordPress Plugin Videos Part 5

Admin options can make the difference between a plugin that simply works, and one that works well.  Many simple plugins have no options at all. This can mean having to edit plugin files to make the plugin work the way you want it to. This also means you must edit the files to change or […]