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How To Use Bridge Pages To Boost Your Affiliate Income

How to convert sales using call to actions

The utilization of call to actions in your marketing message is an effective way to bubble up interested leads on their terms. It’s a powerful and effective method that allows a lead to essentially raise their hand and show you they are ready to buy. Call to actions are effective in: Email marketing, video marketing, […]

Niche Research 3: Keyword Research Tips

Automate Free Link Building With High Authority Sites + IFTTT

I had to develop a strategy with my business partners back when we all had our own SEO agencies. We were dealing with clients but we were doing it all by ourselves, separately. We needed to figure out how to get results for clients while at the same time, build our own businesses. This was […]

Call to Action Examples -Increase Click Through Rates

In this video we will discuss how to increase click through rates by using call to actions. If you want success in your business, then guide others and tell them what you want them to do. Call to actions helps click through rates by telling others what to do. We will also discuss call to […]

The Incredible Power of Content Syndication – Webology SEO

It’s every digital marketer’s dream to have syndicated content on a high-authority site. But why? And what is syndicated content? How is it different from duplicate content? How can I avoid getting penalized by Google for duplicate content if syndicated content is the same content on two different sites? If you’re stuck wondering what syndicated […]

Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel – The Bridge Page That Converts