How To Make an AFFILIATE MARKETING REVIEW WEBSITE for Beginners – Clickbank, Amazon, CJ & More

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners. Check out the demo site at: -More videos at This video is part of a series of videos on making and promoting an affiliate marketing website: In this video I take you through setting up an affiliate marketing website using WordPress. This tutorial is designed for Beginners […]

Free High Converting WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing – Customize In 3 Minutes – download your easy to customize theme and follow this video to make it your own. This WordPress theme is based on what works. we have tested this against the fancy expensive themes and this wins time and again. Just look at some of the BEST high converting websites… they are all super simple… […]

Create a FREE Website for Affiliate Marketing (For Beginners) | Step By Step guide

This website is the launchpad for your affiliate marketing business. This is a basic get-started guide. Next time I’ll show you how to add supporting tools to your website to ensure you get indexed and start ranking for keywords as soon as possible. To begin, head over to This is where you’ll start the […]

Affiliate Marketing with WordPress – Earn Passive Income With Blogs and SEO

Blogs have always been the traditional method for affiliate marketing. They take a while to build and get visitors, but once you build a website up, they can become sustainable sources of income that last for a very Long time. To build a successful affiliate marketing blog, you need a good understanding of SEO or […]

WordPress Amazon Affiliate Website 2019

WordPress Amazon Affiliate Website – What is Affiliate Marketing? Many of you may have heard the term before but what exactly is affiliate marketing and how do you make money from it? To put it simply, affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting someone else’s products. For example, if you promote […]

How to make an AFFILIATE MARKETING BLOG website with WordPress without a Premium Plugin or Theme

Affiliate Marketing SEO 2019 with WordPress – 5 MUST DO SEO TIPS

SEO 2019 – Here’s my 5 MUST DO SEO TIPS for your WordPress Affiliate Marketing websites. Things mentioned: Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension: Yoast SEO: SEO optimisation with Yoast: Optimising Content with Yoast: Keyword Research Playlist:

How To Create And Cloak Affiliate Links With WordPress

You can get the plugin here free: Have you joined an affiliate program and noticed that the affiliate links was really long? In this video, ill show you how to shorten and cloak your affiliate links with wordpress.The pretty links plugin gives you many options in regards to converting your affiliate links and making […]

Step by Step How To Add Affiliate Products To WordPress

Here’s a step by step tutorial to add affiliate products to your WordPress website using Woocommerce. This video uses or CJ Affiliate as an example using the approved codes and links to add as a product to WordPress. **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after […]