How To Update Your WordPress Version

The topic of this video is how to update your blog to the latest version of WordPress. This is an important detail often overlooked by WordPress users regardless of their level. While updating your WordPress version is not as cool as adding a new theme or setting up a new plugin it is vital to […]

How To Use The WordPress Admin Dashboard

This video was published by “thewebtrainer” and does a very complete job of explaining the options available to the WordPress administrator and what they mean and do. The video was first published on The WordPress dashboard is a part of every WordPress site. How you choose to set it up in regards to what […]

How To Change The Header Image In WordPress

This very done video covers changing the header image in WordPress. The tutorial uses the default 2012 Theme which still is included with any new WordPress installation. The video covers all aspects of working with WordPress headers. You learn how to change the header, or how to remove it entirely if you choose. Customizing the […]

How To Use WordPress Menu Feature

The version of WordPress used in this tutorial video is WordPress 3.0. That means that the video shows something very similar to what you will see if you are using the latest version of WordPress. WordPress has included a rather good menu editor for some time. This allows you to determine what pages or catagories […]

WordPress Tags And Catagories Explained

The tags in WordPress play an important role on your blog. Tags are sometimes featured within a theme and many bloggers like to use “tag clouds” in their WordPress sidebar widgets. Tags are one word descriptions of the topics or subjects covered in the post. Posts may be catagorized according to the tags found in […]

WordPress Ping Settings Tutorial

Ping settings in WordPress are vital to getting notifications out to content syndication sources. This can give you high quality targeted visitors if you content does well. There is much debate about exactly who you should send out updates to when publishing new content in WordPress. The author, “BoomerEmpoweringVids” smartly suggests you experiment and choose […]

When To Ping Tutorial

Pinging in WordPress is often misunderstood and incorrectly used. “Overpinging” is a real problem you must solve. Whenever you add a new post it is pinged to whatever update services you have added. While this is good because you are able to notify the search engines there is new content on your blog. The problem […]

What To Do When Your Post Won't Display

You finish a post on your WordPress blog. You’re excited and you want to see how it will display for everyone who visits your blog. So you click the “View Post” link from the editor, and you see… Absolutely Nothing, except a 404 page not found error. What the… you think. You know the post […]

Editing WordPress Widgets

Although the WordPress Version used in this video is rather outdated, it does a great job of explaining what WordPress Widgets are and how they function. The big difference between the WP version shown and the newer versions is the Admin interface. To access the widget area you simply hover over the "Appearence" tab in […]

WordPress Is A Never-Ending Learning Experience

WordPress is constantly evolving and updating. New versions, new features, and perhaps most importantly, new plugins and themes. Each one requires a certain degree of adjustment or learning for WordPress users. Some are really quite simple, others change the game entirely. Some have quirks, others may force you to do a tedious set-up process. Some […]