How To Create A WordPress Plugin Videos Part 1

Plugins are the lifeblood of WordPress. They expand and change the behavior of a WordPress installation letting you customize the blog to suit your needs. WordPress (WP) really does not change much. What shapes a WordPress blog is the theme and plugins you install and activate. The intense popularity of WordPress plugins among WP users […]

How To Find Your WordPress RSS Feed

One of the most asked questions about WordPress is “How do you find the RSS feed for A WordPress blog?” This can be good to know for several reasons. One of those is the fact that with the feed location you can add your feed from your WordPress blog to your Facebook profile or business […]

How To Add Posts From WordPress To Facebook

In yesterdays post I mentioned publishing your posts from your WordPress blog to your Facebook fan page. Today we will follow up on that with a how to video on adding your posts to Facebook (FB). This is made possible with a free WordPress plugin called the Facebook Page Publish plugin. To use the plugin […]

How To Add A Google News Feed To WordPress

If you have a topical or news based blog you may want to add a feed from the Google News RSS to your WordPress site. This has several advantages none the least of which is placing information Google itself as identifies as authority content side by side with your content. This tends to help you […]

How To Create A Custom WordPress Menu

Where you choose to display the menu for your WordPress site is not restricted to your theme’s default choices. Most themes place the menu above or below the header. But what if you would rather have your menu in a sidebar widget? Using a sidebar widget makes a lot of sense if you have many […]

Creating A WordPress Theme From Scratch Video

Did you ever want to create your very own WordPress theme? If you have tried to find info on the topic you soon discover there is not much. The reason is fairly simple, this is a highly technical operation definately not for beginners. Because the info is very technical in nature few people have tackled […]

What Is WordPress?

So what exactly is WordPress? If you have ever wanted to build a Web site, chances are you have heard mention of WordPress. Many people consider WordPress to be the best choice for beginners wanting to create their own Web sites. Creating a basic WordPress site is indeed simple. By definition WordPress is what is referred […]

A Video About Build a Website With WordPress 3.5 (2013 Edition)

  One of the reasons WordPress remains the most popular CMS (Content Management System) is because WordPress continues to evolve. The latest version of WordPress (3.5.1 as this is written) has added several very useful features. You now have more control over your front page layout thanks to the new default theme "2012" as it […]

More Traffic, Comments And Return Visitors With WordPress

Every blog owner would like to have more organic traffic, comments and return visitors. That is exactly the topic of this how to copywriting video. Pro copywriter Rob Canyon is back again with another installment of his Web copywriting course. Canyon’s experience as a professional copywriter gives him a great perspective on this topic. The […]

Add Guru Style Affiliate Links To WordPress Posts

Creating posts for affiliate products is a skill unto itself. Do a good job… and you get sales and comissions as a reward. Do it wrong… and you’re just wasting time. Publishing posts and reviews about products you are an affiliate of is a staple of marketing with WordPress. How you place the affiliate link […]