Add A Logo To A WordPress Site

This how to video created by Tyler Moore shows you how to replace the default blog title text in WordPress to your logo image. This really adds a professional look to any business site In fact, adding a logo image is such a professional standard these days that every premium WordPress theme seems to include […]

How To Add A Slider To Your WordPress Header

Image sliders are a great way to keep visitors on your site long enough to see what you have to offer. Most Premuim WordPress themes feature a slider of some sort, but few free themes have this feature by default. Like many other things having to do with WordPress, several very good plugins can help […]

Creating A Post Properly In WordPress

Nothing is more personal than the style of blogging you decide to use. This plays a pivotal role in determining who is in your audience. Different people are attracted to different styles of writing just as different people have different ways of expressing themselves. While individuality is what makes one satnd out on the Internet, […]

How To Edit An Existing WordPress Post

Sometimes it is necessary to edit an already published WordPress post. You can easily do this using the options available from your WordPress admin area. The how to video was created by Azad Shaikh and was first published on YouTube. This is not a terribly complicated subject to cover and the author does a good […]

Complete WordPress Set Up How To Video

This how to video by Donald Ong covers basic set up for a new WordPress site. The author covers all the different options available from the WordPress admin menu under “Settings” without going into too much detail. The amount of information is good enough to understand what to do without adding too much information. This […]

Managing Comments In WordPress

Comments are an integral feature of a WordPress blog. Besides allowing readers to voice their opinion comments also help readers and search  engines to identify popular posts. WordPress offers pretty much complete control over how and when visitors to your site may comment on posts and pages. This allows you to disable comments on pages […]

WordPress Tweet2Posts Plugin Video

I really can not recommend the “soundtrack” for this video. I had to turn the volume completely off and watch what was going on onscreen. I guess the author of this video, Ondřej Dadok is a big fan of Rap Music. I do not share this love, so the best answer was no volume for me. I […]

How To Create HTML Tables In WordPress

Because WordPress runs on PHP code by default there is no ability to create tables within your posts and pages. Additionally, the WordPress editor is very spartan when it comes to buttons. There are very few and the functions are quite basic. This video shows you how to solve both problems at the same time. […]

How To Use The WordPress Contact Form Widget

One of the most asked questions on the WordPress Forum is how to add a contact form to a WordPress blog. Since many WordPress installations are used by businesses this is a natural enough question. Your prospects need to know how to get in touch. By default WordPress only shows a form to allow blog […]

How To Add A PayPal Button In WordPress

This is another How-To video from The tutorial handles an often asked question: How to add a PayPal “Buy” button to WordPress. This video details how to install and use the “Nice PayPal Button Lite” plugin. The plugin inserts the button by way of inserting a “Shortcode” in your WordPress post or page. Shortcodes […]