Using The Free BackUpWordPress Plugin

The Internet is not some warm fuzzy space where nothing bad ever happens. Infact, there is probably as much bad out there as there is good. This is especially true if you have a WordPress blog. WordPress has long been a target of hackers because of it’s tremendous popularity and the fact it is Open […]

How To Set Up WordPress Multisite

Blog networks used to be a great way to drive traffic. Then Google changed their algorythms and suddenly they seemed to disappear overnight. A few Google animals later, things have once again come full circle and these days blog networks are effective once again. WordPress Multisite has been around for years. Because it is not […]

How To Create A WordPress Video Gallery

Videos are crazy popular online. Adding a Video Gallery to a WordPress blog is a great way to increase the amount of time visitors stay on your site. This can have a huge effect on getting free search engine traffic as Google and the other major providers take this stat seriously. It hasn’t always been […]

How To Embed Google Docs Forms On A WordPress Blog

Adding forms to your WordPress blog can be a great way of engaging your visitors. Adding a form to a post with some questions about the topic of your post allows user interaction. This tends to help keep readers more engaged with the blog post plus gives you a snapshot of what others think about […]

Embedding A Google Drive Video On WordPress

Posting your own videos is great for branding your business. Unfortunately if you don’t want the videos you post to be available for anyone to share or embed then you can forget about YouTube, Vimeo and other free video hosting sites. For that most people opt for paid hosting sites. While that may not be […]

How To Set Up A WordPress Log In Plan B

Stuff happens. It can happen when you are trying to log in to one of your blogs to do something. You get confused, or distracted and enter the wrong user name or password or both too many times. And because you use a WordPress security plugin that limits the number of log in attempts (as […]

How To Fix A WordPress Blog After Installing Themes Or Plugins

Sonner or later it will happen. There you are excitedly installing a new theme or plugin on your WordPress blog. The big moment has finally arrived and you click the activate button. What follows is not what you expected. Everybody breaks their WordPress blogs at some time. The trick is knowing what to do to […]

How To Deactivate A WordPress Plugin Without Access To The WP Admin

Sometimes when you are installing plugins on your WordPress blog something just goes wrong. A number of things can happen when this occurs. Several of them are definately not good. Your site can completely go down for one thing. The worst case scenario happens when you are unable to access the WordPress admin to deactivate […]

WordPress Plugin Creation How To Video Part 2

Back to creating WrdPress plugins with part two of this two part series. In the final video the author wraps everything up he started in the first video. The videos are not intended for WordPress newbies. They are quite technical in nature and unless you understand how to fix any coding errors you make you […]

WordPress Plugin Creation How To Video Part 1

WordPress plugins make WordPress the most versatile CMS around. Just think of something that goes beyond the norm in WorDPress and chances are you will find a plugin that will do it for you. If not, there’s a good chance someone is developing it right now. Because plugins play such a critical role in shaping […]