Modern WordPress SEO

WordPress Seo can be a complex subject to cover. SEO, or Search Engine Optimazation is vital to getting your content ranked on the first page of the results for any word. Considering the top 10 listings get the vast majority of the clicks, (especially the top 3 spots) this can make a huge difference in […]

Tips To Secure WordPress

In the vast sea of information available on the Web about WordPress one of the most overlooked subjects is WordPress Security. While the subject is far less exciting than most WordPress topics, it is vital to keeping all your other hard work safe from the multitude of active hackers who seek out WordPress blogs in […]

The Basics Of WordPress Posts And Pages

Basic WordPress how to videos can be especially useful to new WordPress users. One of the problems I often face when trying to choose a video to post on this site is that few people who record videos of this nature truly stick with the basics. I can understand the temptation to throw in far […]

Setting Up SEO For A New WordPress Blog

Most new WordPress users never think about SEO. More often than not the idea that they may need to learn about SEO is driven by a desire to get their site more traffic. What they do not realize is by this point, the search engines like Google have no idea what their site is about. […]

Resolving WordPress Plugin Conflicts

Finding plugin conflicts is one of the more painful experiences you will ever have with WordPress. Unfortunately, there are next to zero shortcuts in the way you must do this. The WordPress core was never built with Marketing in mind. In reality, as a Marketing Platform the default configuration of WordPress is one of the […]

Timelines Format For WordPress

Timelines seem to be taking over the World. Many popular Social Network sites use them. Besides being quite the rage, they can be a reat way to connect with your customers and show them there is more to your business than they knew. You can promote new products very successfully  by providing Launch Updates and […]

Using The WordPress Admin Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard is an integral part of the blogging platform. The dashboard provides information on the current state of your blog. The dashboard is made up of several widgets, each of which provides a particular type of information. While the average blogger probably has little use or interest for many parts of the WordPress […]

Customizing Your WordPress Blog

There’s plenty of competition on the Internet. In order to make your site stand out from other WordPress blogs in your Niche you need to customize your blog. Thankfully, this is easily accomplished with WordPress. WordPress has included the ability to set your own site header by uploading your image for a while now. This […]

Installing WordPress In 5 Minutes Or Less

Because of the great popularity of WordPress most Web Hosting companies offer some form of automated installation. One of the most commonly available choices is Fantastico or Fantastico Deluxe. Available by default on with most cPanel Web hosts, Fantastico allows you to install many different types of software on your domain. WordPress is probably the […]

Managing Admin Users With WordPress

Using a unique user name is one of the WordPress security basics. In order to accomplish this, you must add another admin user. You might want to add another admin account for another reason, such as giving easy access to a frequent Guest Poster. For whatever reason, this can be very useful. The video below […]